European Safer Internet Day


Liceo classico – scientifico "Euclide"Via Ligas s/n  –  09121 CAGLIARI

Comenius multilateral Project 2010-2012 “How to avoid crimes and being offended in the Internet”



“Freedom and secrecy of the correspondence and of any other form of communication are inviolable.

Their limitation could happen only for motivated act of the judicial authority with guarantees established by the law.”

Liceo Euclide in Europe: an overview of our activities

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The Liceo Euclide in Cagliari started up in 2005 with only six classes: two specializing in classical studies and four specializing in the sciences. Now, at the beginning of its seventh year, the Liceo Euclide has 35 classes and more than 700 students.
From the beginning our school has undertaken an intense exchange activity taking part in various projects with European schools, both under the Comenius label and independently funded and organised by the schools involved. Leggi tutto “Liceo Euclide in Europe: an overview of our activities”

Comenius Multilateral Project 2010-2012

“How to avoid crimes and being offended in the internet”

Interview about hacking to an inspector and a chief- assistant of the Italian Postal Police

Before the interview, the inspector briefly shows the tasks of the Postal Police (or Communication Police ).
The Postal Police is a special sector of the State Police, being appointed by a law of 1981. 
The aim of the Police of Communication is that of protecting the citizens from the breach of the privacy and of the freedom of communication, decreed by the act n. 15 of the Italian Constitution.
The activities of the Postal Police has the objective to contrast the paedo-pornography, the telematics and phone frauds, the unlawful administrative, and the so- called hacking.